Like it was from the 1800s or something, and it was like, how the heck is this still working, and what does it do? Its still working, slowly ‘ticking’ and little gauges and stuff moving, and gears and stuff moving. Other tables have other stuff, its all really old but everything is clean and tidy and stuff. The windows would have been very attractive, had they been clean and free of cobwebs. We gotta use our cellphone flashlights to see cos the windows are mostly boarded over & theres not alot of light. So the guys patch that up first so we can see whats up there. We’re mostly all girls but there’s a couple guys who’re like, surveying the floor & damage & talking about how it can be fixed, what we can replace & stuff. We hafta watch where we step cos the floors are rotten in spots so its like, make sure to stand on the joists and avoid the holes & stuff.

Struggling to not vomit or retch or make any other noise, I grabbed the axe and left as quietly as I could. Make sure the circulation is high (fan in bathroom, leave door open) and don’t worry too much about it. It didn’t take long for me to recognise that I was high. They were either in untidy stacks up to neck high or lying flat on shelves and cantilevered out in improbable architectural arrangements. The following day a plumber came bursting out of her flat with half his tools falling out of his bag. It shows that a neighbor’s shed and fence encroach on the property about a half foot. Luckily, after speaking with my insurance agent, I should expect a nice check to pay for the loss of property. ONCE was ONIONS. need to check onions, one might have tirned bad andf rot! I would have left that instant, but the figures were still outside my front door and while it was hard to tell, I was pretty sure they’d shuffled around, moving closer to my hiding place, perhaps in response to the sound of the woman’s death. So our RE attorney sends a letter requesting permission to have a roofer visit and regarding termites: termite treatment/previous treatment paperwork with 1 year warranty.

Upstairs is like, more rooms & they’re all cobwebby & dusty, but decorated. 10/22/2019 — We talked it over and liked the original 1900 house more than 1750 house so a new written offer of 5k more is sent. 10/24/2019 — The 1750 house responded to us with a counter offer claiming a competing offer suddenly appeared. 12/15/2019 — Electrician restores power to us! And I still don’t question who they are or whatever, just like, knowing they’re all friends. But there were some other people here with me & I didn’t exactly know them, but didn’t question why they were here or who they were or whatever. Then one of the girls reaches out to touch it and I was like “No don’t touch it, we dunno yet what it is!” Then I thought, wait, who even are you people? But,” she paused to push me out of the way before lowering her own head close to the drain. It also had a sign on it “Please Close the Gate”.

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It started off just like, me in our house. For some reason we were looking around the house, and we found two more rooms that were like, unused & forgotten. And then yet another staircase gets found! Then yet another staircase gets found but its really unsafe. And I remembered, we’d found these rooms before, in past dreams, but they were dusty & cobwebby & we didn’t need them so we just left them empty. I ran to the bathroom, slammed the door shut (wincing at the noise) but found the nearby window wouldn’t budge. “Yo, I’m in the loft going through the stuff you got up here,” her voice sounded from an open door at the far end. And second the door leading into my apartment was wide open but the view beyond was pitch black, despite there being a lot of windows and it being early morning. The d’ Macabre library had leaded windows of clear glass squares bordered by gold and red stripes.

Talk To Me About Roomba — College Confidential half his tools falling

Swathes of her innards were exposed revealing glistening white cartilage and tendons streaming between ribbons of pink and salmon red. I ut away as I dorted through glass jars, keeping those and baby food jars I had asked me where from. Theres a big ‘fireplace’ on one wall but instead of a fire, inside it is a big old machine. By now things are really, really old & dusty & disrepair. The group’s even bigger now. I’m carrying something else now. The model I bought comes with a virtual room barrier that i set up in front of the living room when no one has used that room. This one explains things better and says he can come tomorrow, Sunday 8 a.m. Then, I heard Bonn Scott’s voice come in… I was floored. Then, I heard something. “Okay,” I paused long enough to stretch before continuing. Their master was left empty until I moved in, at which point my husband and I moved into it.

Talk To Me About Roomba — College Confidential fire, inside it is