So I am surprised why my step father took his remedy to heart. My step father had his lead pipe and did just as Uncle Geoff advised. His spray was so powerful; my step father dropped him because he just got a face full of nastiness. Uncle Geoff said if you can pick up a skunk by the tail and get his hind legs off the ground, he cannot spray. When you need to get the smell off of a pet you will want to choose products that are safe for them and products that work. Also when you are searching for a mixture to use you will find concentrate mixtures to help with the skunk smell but you will need to pay careful attention to the directions you are given. Also, when bathing your dog to get rid of the smell you will have to make sure the mixture is rubbed in a thoroughly as possible. Secure your trash. Make sure a skunk can not knock it over and get into it.

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Well my Uncle had heard about how to get rid of a skunk. Then the same skunky smell that we all know too well here. And the principle is the same. And let me tell you when they die the same horrible smell that I remember as a child are what they do when they die. That night I asked if they had closed the barn doors, which it seems to be the same question I asked every night. It was dark out and I didn’t want a skunk in the barn. Before we could get out there it was that awful smell. You can keep your dishes clean and get rid of stink bugs in one shot! Or, imagine you are doing dishes after dinner and you look out the window to see a fat, happy skunk walking leisurely across your property. Finding out what to use in case your pet has been sprayed is very important as well the usual home made remedies of tomato juice and vinegar are actually not recommended.

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The common ones are sweet-smelling perfumes, or something like Fabreze. He was happily eating the cat food like he did just about every night. If you absolutely must feed your dog outside, remove the bowl immediately afterward and any stray dog food. I’m not sure why we never thought to just remove the dish at night. Some recommend a certain brand of dish soap and there are different amounts of each ingredient that goes into the mixtures. These mixtures include peroxide so if your dog’s coat may be harmed by the peroxide you will want to choose a mixture with low amounts of peroxide. Checking with your veterinarian may be the best resource you have to using the right mixture for your dog. But don’t put too much, lest it dilutes the effectiveness of the mixture. Put him in his carrier or securely on a leash. Get him in his carrier. And of course, try to aim for their underbelly, as this would be the most expedient spot to get the job done most quickly.

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You will have a secure spot to remove skunk odor. Skunks love this spot! Skunks love things like wood piles and rock piles. Everything your pet rubs against will smell like skunk and you will end up with a larger mess to figure out how to clean. I wasn’t getting much sleep and by the end of the week I was down right ugly about it. Move the trap to the end of the barn, which is something I do not want to take care of while you are gone. While you are checking him, secure him. While the government is aware of the stink bug population crisis, these bugs are not going anywhere anytime soon. If you have access to a plastic sandwich bag, it may be a good idea to place the stink bug carcass into the bag and seal it up, before disposing of it. Good old fashioned dish washing liquid is sufficient to do the trick.

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Similar to dish soap, hair spray is another extremely potent weapon against stink bugs. If you see a stink bug, just grab your bottle of hair spray, shake well before use (just kidding about this part, I’m not sure whether you need to shake well before using it as an insect extermination tool as opposed trying to do your hair), aim, and fire the spray at the bug. You can also seek to get rid of them without killing them directly, if getting up close and personal with a stink bug in order to spray it is something that repulses you. You quickly run to the back door and call your dog in before the dog has an opportunity to get into a big mess. Call an exterminator to remove the skunk or skunks and immediately seal all openings, no matter how small. If your dog or cat has gotten sprayed in the face or mouth, call the vet.

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