Sometimes you find gems that are funny or amazing. If so, how did you find it? But sometimes you find videos on YouTube so excruciatingly bad you just can’t stand to watch them for fear that your brain will shrivel up and hemorrhage. You kinda want to watch YouTube videos, but you can’t ever seem to find enough interesting videos to keep you occupied. We actually use a lot more slang than these words in our everyday conversations, because we use slang if we want to shorten a sentence! But watching it for 6 more minutes is rough. Keep watching until all but one person has cried “Uncle.” The last person left watching is declared the Ironman or Ironwoman. Whether solo or with a group of friends, young and old alike can now goof off watching YouTube without being aimless. Every now and then kissing. Then hold down the left arrow key for a few seconds. It was annoying to see this and wonder “did we flush or not?” We certainly had but it just hadn’t all gone down. The ceiling was never quite as good as new, and you can still see signs of the episode to this day.

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This meant an expensive plumber’s bill as well as money needed to repair the damaged ceiling in the living room. It was about my second weekend there, my first time living alone, when I was awakened at around 7 in the morning by a loud noise. If you can fit the snake end in the drain then perhaps you may not have to remove the stationary chrome cap, if not a second you can try another option before trying to remove the cap, and one I have often used in the past and that is a long piece of TV cable.Yes tv cable! Purchase a “ZIPIT” the best modern day invention second only to toilet paper. I hope you can travel to the Philippines one day. I would love to travel to Philippines someday. The “friendly bacteria” in Bio-Clean love the substances that we consider waste and blockages and they literally eat it up! The toilet is a simple member of the bathroom family whose sole duty is to basically collect and dispose of waste. When we ran the sink in the upstairs bathroom, we would sometimes hear a “bloop, bloop, bloop!” sound coming from the toilet.

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They told me that snakes can get into the sewage system and live there for a long time, or it could be someone’s pet (likely because they aren’t native to the area) that escaped down their toilet or even that someone flushed down the toilet. There was a video a bit further down the list that was 7 minutes of a guy sticking his feet in spaghetti and playing with it. It is a video of a cat trying to eat spaghetti noodles. It is a cute cat that tries to pick up the noddles with its paws and flings the noodles. Keep doing this until everyone has had a turn to pick a phrase. This can keep the game from going on way too long and to give the game more excitement than everyone just trying to pick bad videos. One mind-numbingly boring night my husband and his friends invented a game they call Ironman YouTube.

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Some of the tourists were getting loud in talking that I thought the crocodiles might jump high and devoured one of us from the bridge just to silence us. Next time my friends are round, I might give this a go. It´s a mini zoo where you can take time roaming around the forest and listen to the sounds of nature while relaxing. The forest at the crocodile farm looks green and relaxing. Yep, the forest at the crocodile farm is very relaxing. Yep, it was an awesome experience. What an experience this must have been for you. You must watch the video all the way to the end. Anyone who turns his attention away from the video is disqualified. Take turns picking categories if you aren’t the only vegetable around. Instead of playing last man standing, you can go one round of everyone picking a phrase. Here’s where the last man standing comes into the game – you never know what kind of a video you are going to get with your random phrase.

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