Think “impeachment.” Biden’s numbers started dropping when the Democrats realized that the Senate would not impeach President Trump, and continued to fall through the floor. Now let’s go back to the phone call between President Trump, and Ukraine President Zelensky: Does anyone really believe that wasn’t a setup to knock Biden out of the race? President Trump was well aware of the BIdens’ corrupt dealings in Ukraine. Let me explain it another way: The Democrat’s impeachment was a reaction to President Trump’s exposing Joe Biden’s corruption. There is not one solitary moral or ethic in Trump’s base protecting the country; instead they overwhelmingly support him when he exercises his real or gifted powers. Biden’s polling skyrocketed from 28.3% to 41.4%, in only one month! The fact that Biden had dropped so far in the polling is an indication that Democrats are now aware of how bad a candidate Biden really is.

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Had he not brought Biden’s corruption to the foreground and made so many uninformed Democrats aware of it, Joe Biden would be the Democrat’s top candidate today. Nothing on better density, nothing on environmental destruction brought by Single Family Housing. That’s because there is nothing. That’s what the wildlife eats. Yet Democrats don’t think that is suspicious enough to warrant an investigation? She didn’t think that the whole global warming science was in validated. If you really cared about science and you believe in global warming defending Micael man would be the worst thing to do. Of course herTrying to keep the science pure by figuring out how they could avoid similar scandals like climate gate let her to be attacked by the global warming alarm us who are a corrupt bunch of scumbags. He was the one who was going to lead them back to the “glory days” of the Obama president. They want to dole out Electric cars to everyone – bloody hell, that’s exchanging one environmental disaster for another. I would want to debate them.

Coronavirus: Why Has Trump Not Banned Travel To/from China? Why Has Trump Not

Debate Now – The Biden-Ukraine corruption timeline. It absolutely reeks of corruption. And Joe Biden knew Lutsenko was corrupt because Lutsenko had recently got out of prison for a corruption conviction after former Polish President Alexander Kwasniewski, who also served on the Burisma board of directors with Hunter Biden, lobbied successfully to have Lutsenko’s sentence commuted. Nearly the same time that Hunter was put on the Burisma board of directors to head their legal team, Joe Biden went to Ukraine. Like, mining or sourcing materials which you can then put into storage until needed for engineering or cargo delivery missions? Why can’t we increase the cargo hold, fuel tank, or even customize the weapons / attachments? IF there were NOT enough test kits, why are so few dying in the United States. But it wasn’t enough for Biden to just get Shokin fired. So in order to get the $1 billion loan guarantee that Biden was holding back, Ukraine actually had to change the law that required the Prosecutor General needed a law degree and so many years of experience practicing law, causing a huge public outcry in Ukraine. He never even went to law school. President Trump pretty much took him out of the race without even having to wait for the election.

So afraid that they would impeach the president for merely suggesting the idea? I’m not sure where this idea they are doing nothing comes from. Cell phones give us instantaneous answers and feedback and we we expect that when a virus comes along or a meteor is about to crash into the earth someone should DO something to stop it. They would want to get rid of someone that gave them a bad name this way. I don’t want to look up too much so the game should give you some clues. Yes I did cheat to look up it’s location. He probably even knew that the House would get their impeachment wish, the Senate would drop it like a hot potato, and that Biden would pretty much be dead in the water. SO much easier and efficient. Straws and bags are just the first phase in a much wider implementation.

Coronavirus: Why Has Trump Not Banned Travel To/from China? warrant an investigation