Life’s Unexpected Joys: April 2020

The shorter cabinet will have a few rows of tile above it and then the cap will continue around and end at the door casing on the that side as well. If I did it right the cap that separates the tile and plaster should continue just above the top of that cabinet and end at the door casing. They came out of a 19th century hotel in old town that is right across the street from The Oberon Saloon where I got the 2-inch hex tile. Once the tile is up and the wall is finished it will look like a narrow cabinet but it will actually be much deeper. TWICE as much time. This paint acts like an oil based paint, with a longer open time and it also levels well which reduces visible brush strokes. Now staining my cabinets was no longer a fun option but a dire necessity! Since the kitchen will be such a large project, we decided to try it out on our master bathroom cabinets. Bathroom Vanity re-Design for under $60!

Life's Unexpected Joys: April 2020 is not the

I followed a link from there to a blog, which breaks down EXACTLY how to stain a vanity. Instead of a lovely dark java espresso stain? A dark and modern vanity with a vitreous white china sink, creamy laminate counter top, solid tumbled stone back splash plus a Kohler single handle faucet. Mucky dark streaks. I madly swiped it off. If you opt for hardware you will want to be consistent with your hardware throughout the house including carrying your style into the bathroom and other cabinets as well. They seem oblivious to the fact that the cabinetry is not the only item with color in the kitchen but because they spent a lot of money on the cabinetry they seem to want to match it. I forked out over fifty bucks for a gallon of Benjamin Moore because I wanted a very specific color and didn’t want to risk color matching (posts with photos to come!) That gorgeous paint went on like yogurt, covering a deep mid-tone green with a pale aqua blue in ONE COAT. Hopefully this inspires you to try out one of these kits if you’ve got some boring cabinetry that needs some love in your house.

Life's Unexpected Joys: April 2020 Now staining my

The number one thing we have learned is that you should not use sandpaper too vigorously. If youve decided to perform the remodel on your own, youll have to be as detailed as possible. I only have to share with my husband, and not my three teenage sons! I get quite a few emails with various DIY questions each day, and for at least the last three years, the majority of those questions have been about painting furniture and cabinets. Definitely in the top three for vanity colours, gray is a great way to add interest to a bathroom without going over the top. Both cabinets are as done as they’re going to get done at this point. When I found out I had to special order this stain I was too impatient to wait (which is dumb, you can get it on Amazon in 2 days) and it seemed high in cost. I’ll wait to make cabinet doors for them later. The Java gel stain went on thick and beautiful, covering perfectly both the wood I had painstakingly sanded AND the doors that still had poly finish on them.

Life's Unexpected Joys: April 2020 Now staining my cabinets

I then painted the doors. Both cabinets will have a 2-inch encaustic hex tile counter, which is the same tile that will go on the floor. I knocked this project out last week during a few of Grant’s naps, and I’m really excited about how it turned out, and how much of a difference it’s already making in the bathroom (although, can you please just ignore the green tile? And the terribly vanity light? They’ll be fixed soon). A medium range renovation project needs you to have at least $20,000 in the pocket. That’s the next project. High-traffic areas in your house will quickly start to look worn and ugly. Everyone loves shopping for the house. Some of the smallest rooms in your house have the biggest potential. If we started with the kitchen and didn’t like it, we would have to change it immediately because everyone would see it.

Life's Unexpected Joys: April 2020 Everyone loves shopping for the