My husband ‘the shade tree mechanic’ has been tinkering with it and just couldn’t find exact directions on how to do the repairs! I will follow your directions and hope I can accomplish this feat. Does any one know if I can remove the balance shaft chain or do I have to replace it? The front left cassette and the balance guide/tensioner looked ok from my inspections – no cracked or stripped plastic guides. Kind of stretching my luck that I have solved this dreadful issue without having to go through the costly engine removal process for the balance shaft and right rear cassette repairs. However having done this for myself, I was able to learn how to take the door apart and demystify car maintenance – and now I am wondering whether some other small upgrades and fixes might be within my reach. 90ˆoff and the left about 10ˆoff. is there any chance that when the valves strike the piston that the piston rod will bend there are only small marks on each piston on the right side?

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I have a 2003 ford explorer 4.6L V8, 4×4. my oil pick-up tube got blocked with sludge and cause damages to my engine,i took down the oil pan and cleaned the filter however there are lingering problems. Next day I took down the oil pan to investigate if the oil strainer is blocked. This was very helpful knowledge wise but i need to know more specifically if the chain tensioners were to break would they fall into the oil pan and if so would this cause my oil pressure to decrease and my car thus to be immobile? At first glance, opening the hood, I didn’t know what was what. Just want to let everyone know that needs to preform this that the rear timing chain can replaced without removing the motor. Now, we want to slide the carrier and the bolt out of the receiver. Slide that all the way down. The Trap Range is closed anyways, so relax, and just gently slide that down. MUST face the same direction, both up or both down. Obviously, you could use a rod, and a brush, and patches, and do the same thing. And i didnt use any special tools.If any body need a help around orlando just contact me!

Also buy a cheap ratchet (say from a cheap set, check Harborfrieght) and cut the handle to say 4 inches and use it with short 1/2″ socket inside those tight spots. (You may need dremmel/or high speed wheel cutter to cut the handle). When the bolts are snug insert an appropriately sized custom made pipe extension (say 12″ long) to torque the bolts. Oh by the way it did get almost constant and because i run lucas anyway in addition to my oil, i put in another 1/2 qt on top of my 4-1 of lucas super lube stuff ( orange stuff clear bottle) it quieted a bit. The top 4trans bolts are best handled through the wheel well. I think I read the water pump bolts are M8x20x1 but that’s all I have found after hours of googling. I need new bolts for the water pump and timing cover on my 2005 4.0 I cannot find them ANYWHERE. How can this be when both cam timing chains, guides and tensioner are in tact?

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Again, thanks for your hard work in preparing this excellent overview of just how to replace the timing chains, tensioners, and guides. Second, if the timing chain slipped on an 03 Explorer, on the left bank due to tensioner failure, is it common for the valves to be bent? I cleaned out all the debris and the sound improved and a lot more oil was now visible from the top oil filler cover lubricating the valves and chain when the engine is running. We got the donor engine mounted on the stand and did a quick inventory of parts that we needed to get for the swap. I’ll start with the swingarm off the bike, as the manual will show you how to get that off. This is a link: Bentley E90 repair manual I suggest the Hard Cover, it’s much easier to handle. I just assumed that the rear right tensioner/guide will also be ok since much of the clunking noise I was hearing seemed to come from front of the engine. I got word from my mechanic that I “need a new motor for the Explorer.” It’s a ’98 Explorer Sport with the 4.0 SOHC engine and 110k miles.

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The original gophers that inhabited your property are kinda like the Adam and Eve of gophers. The high pitched sound emitted by the unit is designed to sound like another gopher. If you look in the back ground you will see 3 or 4 gopher hills. Phew… Now you have a notion of how I have started, lets look at several various ways you can begin your journey into becoming a card magician! How to get rid of gophers in Monterey Park, CA is a tough job for the novice but we have a lot of experience with gopher removal in Monterey Park and will do a thorough job in doing so. I was a tech for a pest control company back in 2003. One of the first jobs that I went on with my “trainer” was a gopher control job. I have been to several homes where their foundation was cracked by gopher tunneling, allowing termites to enter. I think we finally have been presented with a system that actually works to get rid of the pocket gophers and moles! When an attacker manages to compromise a web site, and it’s restricted (non-root) access yet still has the power to create modifications to htaccess, then this may be used to get a choice of manipulation cases.

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Then began my battle with the bugs, the deer, the gophers and the snails! But then the mounds began appearing in our lawn. Not only does it do harm to your lawn but also to your own safety because you are sure to fall down and slip with all the mounds and tunnels on the surface they made. Gophers dig deep tunnels under the ground and even under the foundation of your house. We use poison or non toxic to get rid of gophers, get rid of lawn moles or get rid of ground squirrels in Duarte. Rodent Guys remove Gophers, Moles and Squirrels from your home. On many occasions I have been to a home where whole shrubs have been sucked into the ground. Not only do I have the experience, but I also have all of the equipment needed to control your moles and gophers. I don’t know how many times a customer has called me and told me that they have tried everything in the world to get rid of the moles and gophers. That is not counting the 26 moles that have been trapped also.

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I appreciate my family and neighbors for the all of there support because I couldn’t have done it without everybody else’s help. Pest Control is my back ground so these are a few examples of how gophers can destroy your house or at least help cause a deeper problem such as TERMITES. I think back then we charged the guy over $700.00 for a few months of service. Of coarse this is over a few months. This can take a couple of weeks at the least, and several aggressive months in high populations. On average 10-12 gophers will be on 1 acre, but in high populations there may be as many as 20. For example at one of my properties that I am currently treating, I bagged 43 gophers on their 2 acre lot. Just a prime example of why not to waste your money on one of these. Why did I ever cry for Bambi? There was many ways to get rid of them I was told and before long I had tried them all and still I had gophers!

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The customer laughed when I told her that I was going to put it on my site. He told me, he burnt his backyard and the gophers were more active than ever. Visit our site to learn more about insect control and find out more about getting rid of ants. I caught all of these on the first visit on a 1 acre yard. A proper control program must be in place to take your yard back before it is to late. I ran back to the nursery I got them from and they explained that i must have gophers. No two properties are the same, so a proper inspection must be done to see what method will work for you. After careful consideration I chose six packs because I could see my magical garden transform before my very eyes into the garden I had always dreamed of! This was to be a dream garden just like I saw in books!

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The shorter cabinet will have a few rows of tile above it and then the cap will continue around and end at the door casing on the that side as well. If I did it right the cap that separates the tile and plaster should continue just above the top of that cabinet and end at the door casing. They came out of a 19th century hotel in old town that is right across the street from The Oberon Saloon where I got the 2-inch hex tile. Once the tile is up and the wall is finished it will look like a narrow cabinet but it will actually be much deeper. TWICE as much time. This paint acts like an oil based paint, with a longer open time and it also levels well which reduces visible brush strokes. Now staining my cabinets was no longer a fun option but a dire necessity! Since the kitchen will be such a large project, we decided to try it out on our master bathroom cabinets. Bathroom Vanity re-Design for under $60!

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I followed a link from there to a blog, which breaks down EXACTLY how to stain a vanity. Instead of a lovely dark java espresso stain? A dark and modern vanity with a vitreous white china sink, creamy laminate counter top, solid tumbled stone back splash plus a Kohler single handle faucet. Mucky dark streaks. I madly swiped it off. If you opt for hardware you will want to be consistent with your hardware throughout the house including carrying your style into the bathroom and other cabinets as well. They seem oblivious to the fact that the cabinetry is not the only item with color in the kitchen but because they spent a lot of money on the cabinetry they seem to want to match it. I forked out over fifty bucks for a gallon of Benjamin Moore because I wanted a very specific color and didn’t want to risk color matching (posts with photos to come!) That gorgeous paint went on like yogurt, covering a deep mid-tone green with a pale aqua blue in ONE COAT. Hopefully this inspires you to try out one of these kits if you’ve got some boring cabinetry that needs some love in your house.

Life's Unexpected Joys: April 2020 Now staining my

The number one thing we have learned is that you should not use sandpaper too vigorously. If youve decided to perform the remodel on your own, youll have to be as detailed as possible. I only have to share with my husband, and not my three teenage sons! I get quite a few emails with various DIY questions each day, and for at least the last three years, the majority of those questions have been about painting furniture and cabinets. Definitely in the top three for vanity colours, gray is a great way to add interest to a bathroom without going over the top. Both cabinets are as done as they’re going to get done at this point. When I found out I had to special order this stain I was too impatient to wait (which is dumb, you can get it on Amazon in 2 days) and it seemed high in cost. I’ll wait to make cabinet doors for them later. The Java gel stain went on thick and beautiful, covering perfectly both the wood I had painstakingly sanded AND the doors that still had poly finish on them.

Life's Unexpected Joys: April 2020 Now staining my cabinets

I then painted the doors. Both cabinets will have a 2-inch encaustic hex tile counter, which is the same tile that will go on the floor. I knocked this project out last week during a few of Grant’s naps, and I’m really excited about how it turned out, and how much of a difference it’s already making in the bathroom (although, can you please just ignore the green tile? And the terribly vanity light? They’ll be fixed soon). A medium range renovation project needs you to have at least $20,000 in the pocket. That’s the next project. High-traffic areas in your house will quickly start to look worn and ugly. Everyone loves shopping for the house. Some of the smallest rooms in your house have the biggest potential. If we started with the kitchen and didn’t like it, we would have to change it immediately because everyone would see it.

Life's Unexpected Joys: April 2020 Everyone loves shopping for the